Research Findings

Energy Saving Tips - Electrical

Save Energy as well as Money… Did you know that compact fluorescent light bulbs use a third as much electricity as standard incandescents? Although fluorescent light bulbs may be more expensive to buy, they last up to ten times longer than regular bulbs and can cut the amount of electricity used in half in some high-volume areas.
- Sierra Club, Energy Saving Tips

Unnecessary costs from your outdoor lighting… Often times many people leave lights on outside accumulating unnecessary costs. A simple motion sensor light or fixture can cut costs and keep you safe. You can also look into occupancy sensor lighting in particular rooms in your home or office. A wall or ceiling mounted occupancy sensor can cut lighting energy used by a room between 30 and 50 percent. Call us today and find out what we can do for you.

How can hot water save you money? Heating cold water is energy intensive; lowering your hot water heater to just over 120 degrees can save you money on your next power bill. Although it is important to set your hot water heater above 120 degrees to prevent bacteria, many are set too high. “Experts also recommend draining a pint of water from your water heater a few times a year to reduce sediment and increase efficiency.”
- Sierra Club, Energy Saving Tips

Energy Saving Tips - Air Conditioning

Do you have a leaky duct? FPL states, “Each year, leaky ducts in residential and commercial buildings increase energy bills by more than $5 billion.” Up to 20 percent of energy used in air conditioning your home can be lost because of leaking ducts. Leaking ducts can compromise comfort and indoor air quality caused by reducing the infiltration of dust and humidity.
- Florida Power & Light, Energy Advisor

Wait.. Don’t touch that thermostat! Too cold or hot? When you want to attain rapid temperature changes don’t set the thermostat higher or lower than the desired temperature. Over compensating the desired temperature only makes the system work longer not harder.
- San Antonio Air Conditioning Contractors Association, A/C Tips

Programmable thermostats, like the Trane Comfortlink Controls, are designed to maximize the performance of your home comfort system with reliable and accurate temperature control. The average annual savings for programmable thermostats is about $100, and they often pay for themselves in two years or less.
- Trane